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Teacher Assistant
Music Appreciation, University of Florida (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020).
Professor: Lauren Hodges and Mike Vincent

Latin American Music, University of Florida (2019).
Professor: Welson Tremur

Music History 3, University of Florida (2018).
Graduate Music History Review, University of Florida (2017).
Professor: Silvio dos Santos

Music History 1, University of Brasilia (2015)
Professor: Beatriz Magalhães-Castro

Online Instructor
Music Appreciation, University of Florida (2018).

Artistic Nucleus of the Master's Program in Musicology, University of Brasilia (2015-2016).

Academic Scholarship

UF Doctoral Musicology Assistantship, Ph.D. in Musicology (2016-2021)

CAPES Master's Scholarship Master in Musicology, University of Brasilia (2014-2016).

Scientific Introduction Program Scholarship (PIBIC) Department of Music, University of Brasilia (2007).

Claudio Santoro’s Correspondence Archive Internship, Department of Music, University of Brasilia (2007-2009).

Music Teacher

St. Elijah Institute, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of the High School, Brasília, Brazil (2010-2012).

Music Director


FAC PRIZE "Claudio Santoro: Obra Completa para Piano, Vol.1 - Preludes", Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, United States and Portugal (2016-2017)

St. Patrick Catholic Church, Gainesville (2020)

St. Elijah Institute Choir (2011-2012) Sesc 913 Sul and Naval Club Choir (2007-2009)

Naval Club Choir (2011)

Assistant Conductor/Singer
Sindilegis Choral, Brazil (2011).
Conductor: Antonio Sarazate

Madrigal of Brasilia, Brazil (2011).
Symphonic Choir of Brasilia, Brazil (2010).
Conductor: David Junker

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