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Topic Theory on Santoro's Works for Solo Piano


My master's thesis investigates the aesthetic diversity of Claudio Franco de Sá Santoro’s musical discourse in his work for solo piano, which permeates the totality of all the aesthetical and ideological influences of the composer. The analysis of his piano solo work is comprehended by Topic Theory studied by Hatten (1994), Monelle (2002), Plesch (2012) e Narum (2013). This methodology makes it possible to identify a thesaurus of referential loci-commune, and it also evidences how composer deals the relationship between significant/signified in order to create meaning effect. This research aims to comprehend the relationship between ideology and idiosyncrasies of style in his work for solo piano. To understand Santoro’s compositional styles beyond the systematic analysis, which is often a surface analysis in itself, it is imperative to comprehend Santoro's piano works within its use of form, expression and meaning in music.

Master's Thesis UnB Repository Link 


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