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Philosophical Doctorate in Historical Musicology, University of Florida (2016-2021)
  Dissertation: “Claudio Santoro, Musica Viva, and the Emergence of German Modernism in Brazilian Music.”
  Description: Investigation about the aesthetics, advocacy and reception of the twelve-
  tone avant-garde in the Brazilian musi
cal modernism in the 1940s-decade.

Master in Musicology, University of Brasília, Brazil (2014-2016).
  Thesis: “Indeed Human: Topic Theory in the Piano Works of Claudio Santoro.”
  Description: Investigation about the intersection between style, ideology, and musical topic within the musical works  
of the Brazilian composer Claudio Santoro (1919-1989).

Specialization in Pedagogy, Catholic University, Brazil (2013-2014).
  Description: Specialization in Pedagogy.

Baccalaureate in Piano, University of Brasília, Brazil (2007-2011).

Baccalaureate in Composition, University of Brasília, Brazil (2004-2009).

Classical Piano, School of Music of Brasília, Brazil (1997-2009).

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